Let's get to know each other and collaborate better

Arketify makes the enneagram a super power to optimize collaboration within teams. 

The enneagram applied as never seen before!

The fastest way to get to know your team.

Increase collective performance

Improve collaboration

Leverage individual strengths

Develop strategic leadership

Find the personality you need

 than a personality test

than a personality test


Measure the presence and weighting of the 9 energies of the enneagram in you.

  • Determine which of the 81 Enneagram archetypes best defines your current behavior.
  • Identify your inner strengths.
  • Discover how your lesser energies affect you.
  • Reveal the hidden aspects of your personality.
  • Show your teammates how you are and your way of working.


Help your team

Help your team


Analyze your team from every angle and discover how to bring their best selves to work.

  • Pinpoint the virtues and vices of your team's collective behavior
  • Discover what soft skills your team is missing
  • Find the personality for each position
  • Get to know your teammates and their way of working
  • Give your coaches your "teamsonality" information


Each team member completes a questionnaire

on how the team works. (15 minutes)


Our algorithm identifies your collective behaviors

and the impact on the team’s personalities.


We show you your team

from a whole new angle.

Do you know how your collective behavior is affecting your team performance?



Small Teams
2-10 members

U$ 0


Free features:

  • Personal report
  • Public profile
  • Up to 1 Team
  • Up to 10 members
  • Teamsonality culture
  • Team personality map
  • Team analysis
  • Teammates affinity analysis
  • Limited info of teams you are part of
  • Email Support


Medium Teams &

U$ 15

Per user / month

All Free plus:

  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited members
  • Watcher role available
  • Full info of teams you are part of
  • Pay online (credit card only)
  • Chat and video call support


Large Teams
> 50 members

All Pro plus:

  • Centralized admin controls
  • Flexible payment options

Our Purpose

The new normal represents a new paradigmatic challenge among teams. We are transitioning from a model where most of us were in the same place with daily interactions to one with teams spread out throughout the world, with almost no in-person contact. The enneagram can be a way of narrowing the gap.

The Enneagram is a tool studied by psychologists and psychiatrists around the world to understand the complexity of human behavior. Our approach has a few differences with regards to the conventional approach which groups together all the personalities in 9 enneatypes. Our vision centers on how the combination of the 9 basic energies influences the different personalities in a determined moment. – We believe that a person “is being” rather than «is»,  so its behavior can change if suggested –

It is a shortcut that helps to quickly get to know how a person sees the world. If they have an instinctive, rational, or emotional approach. If they are averse to risk or need adventure. If they prefer to work independently or to check in frequently. In a nutshell, we are able to have practical information for interactions with others.

Conversely, the enneagram can give us incredibly valuable information about the energies that predominate collective behavior. What happens to us as a team when we are under pressure? What aspect must we work on in order to get the best out of the collective intelligence? What energies condition decision-making and the way one reacts in each situation? Understanding these variables could be a great help for leaders seeking to improve the performance of their teams. 

There is a new paradigm with regard to collaboration. Knowing people and being able to lead from a distance will be a challenge that will require new tools that allow us to optimize coordination, both within a team and with others.

We are building Arketify, to narrow the gap by recognizing the archetypes that best represent each person and their way of working and collaborating. We created 81 Enneagram Archetypes that can be suited to more than 540,000 personalities based on the different enneagram combinations. 

We are applying the enneagram to know team’s personalities and how to get the best of them!


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